ICYMI: Issue 1

We begin today

Hello and welcome to the first issue of ICYMI, the weekly digest for Today I Learned.

I have recently begun a gradual return to full activity, starting of course with the website. The whole of Today I Learned is yet to be back on the full posting schedule but progress is steady, and I am eager to both get everything back up to full speed and begin the next phase of new post types, pages, and a few other ideas currently in development.

Even so I am delighted to begin publishing the first edition of the newsletter. With that in mind…

Let’s take a look at the latest round of regular posts and updates across Today I Learned.

This week’s edition covers: 30th March - 3rd April

The Tip for the week was a definition of Profile vs Site for hosted accounts, giving the basic view of a commonly asked question both for newcomers and people looking for a reminder of this core idea. This post also marks the full return of regular Tips, a post type that has been part of the website since its inception.

Another such post type is Updates, which have continued their return to regular posting; after a brief run of double-posting the Updates are now back onto their daily schedule. Alongside this return is that of timely edits to the History page, which is now updated whenever updates are announced for Micro.blog

Further into the week this very newsletter launched, the announcement having been made on Wednesday. This is the fourth off-site extension – the first three being the Micro.blog profile, email address, and Twitter profile – to be launched for Today I Learned since the project began almost two years ago.

A new page was also revealed; you can now see more information about following Today I Learned on the Subscribe page. A major rewrite of the About page was published in tandem with the new Subscribe page, the former now a much clearer reflection of Today I Learned as a whole.

Aside from posts and pages, the website was given a design tweak; in this instance the Footer was refreshed with a new link for the new page, the removal of other links to clarify the navigation menu, and a slight improvement made in readability.

There is now also a new email address for project-related messages: contact@today-i-learned.net. Each page to include a link for email has been updated with the new address, as well as the bio for the @til profile on Micro.blog.

The new email address is part of the soft launch of a new domain for Today I Learned (today-i-learned.net), of which you’ll be seeing more in the future. However, the website continues to be hosted at its Micro.blog domain and will remain so for as long as possible.

• • •

So that’s it! The first issue of ICYMI. Phew!

Over the next few days I will be posting to the newsletter site, and although there will be no email version of such posts they will be mentioned, and linked, in the next issue of ICYMI. You can of course visit the site to see them either way, as well as the (admittedly small) archive of the newsletter itself.

I’d like to thank everybody who has already subscribed; to show so much trust for allowing even one message from me with this brand new venture has been a little overwhelming. That has been especially touching given the strangeness of our current times and has served to only further my enthusiasm both for Micro.blog and Today I Learned.

I truly believe in this young (younger than young, really) community of ours and the potential it has to provide safe passage away from the increasingly spoiled waters of the modern web. That’s because of you, those who post first to their blog, and the rest of the independent web and our continued desire to see the best way forward for the web as a whole.

So thank you. And thanks for reading,